윤여준, 반연희 “Biosynthesis of macrocyclic immunosuppressive polyketide" 15TH International Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes, 2009.08.21-25 (중국, Sanghai)

2009-08-21 ~ 2009-08-25

최은애, 정원석, 반연희, 유영지, 김은지(07), 김은지(09), 윤여준 "Reconstruction of Mycinose Biosynthetic Pathway by Heterologous Expression of Its Gene in Streptomyces venezuelae" 한국미생물 생명공학회, 2009.06.25-26 (대전 Convention Center)

2009-06-25 ~ 2009-06-26

한아름, 박제원, 이소라, 김병기, 윤여준 "Gylcosylated Derivatives of Rhodomycin D Obtaianed by Exploring the Substrate Flexibility of Gylcosyltransferase AknS" 한국미생물 생명공학회, 2009.06.25-26 (대전 Convention Center), 구두발표

2009-06-25 ~ 2009-06-26

백지혜, 박성렬, 윤진아, 박제원, 한아름, 이소라, 안미선, 윤여준 "Heterologous Production of Flavanones using synthetic genes in Streptomyces venezuelae" 춘계생물공학회, 2009.04.09-11 (포항공과대학)

2009-04-09 ~ 2009-04-11

유영지, 정원석, 반연희, 김은지, 최은애, 김은지, 윤여준 "A Combined Approach of Classical Mutagenesis and Rational Metabolic Engineering for the Improved Production of Rapamicin in Streptomyces hygroscopicus ATCC29253" 춘계생물공학회, 2009.04.09-11 (포항공과대학), 구두발표

2009-04-09 ~ 2009-04-11

윤여준, 박제원, 박성렬 "Engineered Biosynthesis of Microbial Natural Products in Heterologous Hosts" ibio BIT2nd Annual World Congress of Industrial Biotechnology 2009, 2009.04.05-07 (COEX, 서울)

2009-04-05 ~ 2009-04-07

박성렬, 김은지, 모상준, 백지혜, 윤진아, 이소라, 윤여준 "Development of Expression System for the Production of Marine Natural Product in a Heterologous Host" The 8th Asia-Pacific Marine Biotechnology Conference, 2008.11.12-15 (부산, BEXCO)

2008-11-12 ~ 2018-11-15

정원석, 최은애, 유영지, 반연희, 윤여준 " Reconstruction of Desmycosin by Hetelogous Expression of Mycinose Biosynthetic Genes from the Tylosin Gene Cluster in Streptomyces venezuelae" 한국미생물연합회 학회 , 2008.10.16-17 (교육문화회관)

2008-10-16 ~ 2008-10-17

박제원, 박성렬, 김은지, 윤진아, 이소라, 백지혜, 윤여준 "Exploting the Natural Metabolic Diversity in Streptomyces venezuelae as an Microbial Catalyst for Generating of Unusual Reduced Macrolide Antibiotics " 한국미생물연합회 학회 , 2008.10.16-17 (교육문화회관)

2008-10-16 ~ 2008-10-17

정원석, 윤여준 " An Engineered Host of Streptomyces venezuelae for the Efficient Production of Hybrid Mcrolides " 추계생물공학회, 2008.10.06-07 (제주 ICC), 구두발표

2008-10-06 ~ 2008-10-07